Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I know I'm late to post this.. I feel so bad about this.. Forgive me 😢

Anyway, because this is exclusively for GOT7's 3rd Anniversary which happened to be yesterday (January 16th), this post will be only about GOT7! ☺
So.. I will be remincing (?) about GOT7, lol 😂 Yes, this post will be about GOT7's adventure from the past 3 years, from their debut to be exact! 😏

FYI, I have been an AHGASE (IGOT7) since they debuted ❤ Well.. not that 'that' information is important or anything haha 😂😅

But anyway, I read something that made me smile and laugh a bit 😂💖 On their fanmeet in Macau, Jackson said that "If you entered the fandom with hajihajima then you must really love us." The reason why I smiled and laughed is because I entered the fandom with hajihajima (Stop Stop It) and yes i love them so much it makes me crazy 😍💕 If you're not an Ahgase (IGOT7), and you're wondering what "Stop Stop It" is, then the answer would be that it is GOT7's debut song ☺

Soo.. without my further blabbing of things, here you go! Flashback of GOT7 from debut till now!

1. Stop Stop It
Link to MV
Album : Identify

Dahyun TWICE (before debut) took part as the main girl character in this MV.
This MV has a feel of energic and futuristic to it.
The concept was that the main girl character (Dahyun TWICE) made the main boy character (Jaebum GOT7) fell in love and that he wanted her to stop making his heart beat fast everytime he sees her.
This song is GOT7's debut song ❤
The "chorus" lyrics being "hajima hajihajihaji hajima" really got me to like them 😂💖

2. A
Link to MV
Album : GOT LOVE

Sana TWICE (before debut) took part as the main girl character in this MV.
The song starts with Mark's part "Stop working, stop frontin', I know you want me lets start talking."
According to my opinion, Sana's character here is a noona to Yugyeom. Why I can say so? In Yugyeom's teaser video there is a speech if translated to english becomes "Noona, how do you like me?"
All of the members' in their teaser video look so charming 😍

3. Girls Girls Girls
Link to MV
Album : Got It?

Nayeon TWICE (before debut) took part as the main girl character in this MV.
For this song, both Mark and Jackson did some martial arts, such as flipping. (Both in the MV and also their performances)
If I remember correctly, there is a line which the lyrics are "Girls Girls Girls they love me."

4. Just Right
Link to MV

The one who acted as Eundong's younger character (I don't know her real name sorry) in "My Love Eundong" took part as the main girl character in this MV. This MV is really unique! The members of GOT7 look tiny here as if they were ants- no, acrylic standees, lol 😂 They are in the girl character's room.
The main point message in this song is that they're saying that "you're perfect (in this case, just right) just the way you are."

5. If You Do (니가하면)
Link to MV
Album : MAD

This MV has a manly and slight dark feeling to it as the MV seems to be telling us that the character(s) are disappointed with their girlfriend. In this MV, the members are quite destructive. Every one of the members are, except Mark, who seems to be the only one not doing anything destructive.

6. Confession Song
Link to MV
Album : MAD Winter Edition

This MV was filmed at a school, a real school. As the tittle says "Confession Song", this MV shows the members helping random boy students to confess to their crush(s). The members had to dress up and cover their faces so that when they went to call the girl (crush), they wouldn't get recognised and start a fuss.

7. Fly
Link to MV

Jinyoung acts as the main character in this MV, as it particulary pin points most of his actions. As the tittle says, you can indeed see the members "fly" in the MV. Many fans have been analyzing the MV and been making logical theories. They say that the members "flying" in the MV means that they are dead. Their theories also adds up to GOT7's latest album "FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE", as it is the continuatuon of this album.

8. Hard Carry (하드카리)
Link to MV

Jinyoung also acts as the main character in this MV. This album seems to be the continuation of the album "FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE". As well as in the MV "Fly", many fans have been analyzing this song's MV and have been making logical theories. The MV shows the members in a plane, playing and being loud as always. The only member who remained quiet and seated was Jinyoung.

Again, fans spectaculated that the members in the water means that they're dead or either on the verge of death.

Why does "death" have to do with anything? In this MV, there was a scene that Jinyoung woke up, being treated by emergency medics and he was also breathing through an oxygen mask. It seems that the scene shows something similar to that of a plane crash.

Where are the other members? The other members aren't seen in the "crash" scene. Instead, they are being shown on other different scenes (places).

So what happened to them? This question is yet to be answered. And so the fans have been analyzing and the trying to come up with theories. Although some theories say that they might be dead or on the verge of death.

What is the meaning of all this? We, ahgases (IGOT7s) don't know, as they don't really reveal the plot behind this MV. But when asked in shows such as ASC (After School Club), the members answer that they have to "hard carry" everything together.

What do they mean by that? What they mean is that they have to be there for each other, they have to share everything. From experiencing the painfull days together to enjoying their cheerfull, happy days.

Wow.. this post seems to be be long 😂 I didn't think it'd intially be this long though 😅 
Well next, I am going to show you their updated on their anniversary!

They celebrated their 3rd anniversary with aghases at their Macau fanmeet! 💖

Mama Wang's (Jackson's mother) instagram update!

Youngjae's instagram update!

Yugyeom's instagram update!

BamBam's instagram update!

Mark's instagram update!

Jackson's instagram update!

That is all for this post! And one more thing before ending this post is, congratulations to Jackson 💖🎉
He won the award "Popular Artist Of The Year" in Sina Weibo Awards 2016! 💕🎉 The award show was held yesterday (January 16th) in Beijing, China.

Again, congratulations to our beloved Jackson! You deserve this award so much! 💖💕🎉

Now that that's clear, I am going to end this post! Annyeong~ See you on my next post~ 😁