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How BTS Members Got Into BigHit

Annyeong everyone! It’s been almost 3 weeks since I last posted something. I feel bad about it honestly and I wanted to apologize, so forgive me.. The reason is quite simple really, I’ve been having my finals for two straight weeks. It’s very tiring and stressed me out.. Although this week I had a holiday, but well.. I wanted to post something, but my laziness got the best of me hehe 😁

Another reason to why I haven’t post anything until now is that I couldn’t really think of any topic to discuss.. Actually, I asked my friend to suggest me a topic and she suggested me something. This may seem like I really am lazy to post, not denying it since I am very lazy
😂 But this topic isn’t an easy topic and since I don’t want to get it wrong and anything.. I did research, I literally did that, no kidding 😅

And so this time I am going to discuss that topic which my dear friend suggested. As I said above, the topic isn’t easy to just discuss, I have to get it right. And now after my research, let’s discuss.

I dedicate this post to my dearest friend
😉😘 who I am not going to say it out loud because of privacy reasons 😏. Thank you for suggesting me the topic, I am really grateful.

“How The BTS Members Got Into BigHit Entertainment”

Lets start discussing from the oldest member to the maknae!

1.     Kim Seokjin (Hangeul : 김석진)
Kim Seokjin or “Jin” attended
건국태 (Konkuk University) as a major in 연영과 (Theatre and Film). Mind you, the competition for getting into this university is pretty high, some notable alumnis are Lee Min Ho, Minho SHINEE, Yoo Ah In, Hyuna, Hyeri. When he was going to university, a BigHit staff noticed him and he got casted. He also actually got casted into SM Entertainment when he was only in middle school, but some say that he got scared and ran away. LOL 😂

2.    Min Yoongi (Hangeul : 민욘기)
Min Yoongi or “Suga” started to pursue music when he was still in Primary School. He accepted odd producing jobs here and there until he joined a Daegu hip-hop group called “D-TOWN”. He was a producer of that group under the stage name of “Glossy”. He auditioned for BigHit’s “Hit It” and won 2nd place. Till now, he still produces songs for both BTS and his own. He also goes solo under the name “Agust-D”.

3.    Jung Hoseok (Hangeul : 정호석)
Jung Hoseok or “J-Hope” was actually a dancer back in Gwangju. He had the stage name “Smile Hoya”. He even went to the same dance studio as Bigbang’s Seungri. He auditioned for BigHit’s special audition for dancers through the dance studio. He was tasked to record a dance video for the audition. When a BigHit staff came to take it about 2-3 hours later, they found him still working. This inspired the staff and he got casted after this.

4.    Kim Namjoon (Hangeul : 김남준)
Kim Namjoon or “Rap Monster” started hip-hop after hearing Epik High’s “Fly” and pursued it with the encouragement of his parents. He was introduced and recommended personally to BigHit’s CEO, Bang Si-Hyuk by Untouchable Sleepy (a hip-hop duo from TS Ent.) and he immediately got casted. He is the only BTS member who has gone through multiple member changes. He, a genius with the IQ of 148, originally had a dream to become a poet.

5.    Park Jimin (Hangeul : 박지민)
Park Jimin or “Jimin” started to dance when he was in Middle School and joined small competitions. He auditioned for BigHit in Busan when he was attending Busan High School of Arts. He was in the top class of Contemporary Dance. In his Junior year when he got accepted into BigHit, he transferred to Korean Arts School with Taehyung to major in music. He is seriously very hardworking, even his choreography teacher, Son Seung Deuk, acknowledges that he tries his hardest.

6.    Kim Taehyung (Hangeul : 김태형)
Kim Taehyung or “V” wanted to be a saxophonist when he started to play the saxophone and continued to play it for 3 years. At that time there was an audition in Daegu and he just attended to watch his friend as his parents were against him auditioning. He was about to leave when BigHit’s rookie development team saw him, told him to audition and called his parents for consent.

7.    Jeon Jungkook (Hangeul : 전정국)
Jeon Jungkook or “Jungkook” went to audition for Super Star K when he was only 13 years old, but got eliminated in the preliminaries round. After getting eliminated, 7 agencies immediately called him, including BigHit. He went to the different agencies to tour a little bit. When he saw Rap Monster rapping in BigHit, he felt amazed and decided to join the agency.

Now I’m donee!! 😀 And just so you know, I felt the need to convey my thoughts about this when I finished writing or typing it.

First of all, lets just appreciate our dearest BTS leader , Rap Monster, here. Without him, there maybe won’t be a BTS. He was once asked by BigHit’s CEO, Bang Si-Hyuk whether he wanted to do solo or be with BTS. Our dearest leader here immediately answered BTS without wasting time to think and without any hesitation. Bang PD-Nim was a bit shocked and repeated the question, only to earn the same answer.

Secondly, Jin majored in Theatre and Film. He didn’t have any background in dancing, let alone singing. But as you all can hear him now, his voice is just lovely. This is all due to his pure efforts in practicing and training. We can now see how far he got from when he auditioned. And mind you all, he certainly has come a very long way, all of BTS did.

Third, I am very curious who defeated Suga and won 1st place in that audition. I really am curious, no kidding 😅 And he is really good at songwriting and producing. Not all can do that very well, but he proved to us that he is amazing. He really is talented, our one and only Min Yoongi a.k.a. Suga.

Fourth, lets talk about J-Hope’s stage name when he was a dancer, shall we? Somehow I find it really fitting. Can you believe it, “Smile Hoya”, really? It just somehow fits very well to his image. Hey everyone it’s your hope, your angel – JHope.

Fifth, Jimin really does work hard and we all know it. The fact that he was already in the top class of Contemporary dance, didn’t bother him. He kept working really hard, even Jin is always worried that he’ll faint because of too much practicing. And his voice 😍 I really love to hear him singing his high notes 😍

Sixth, lets talk how V is just the definition of innocence. He literally originally wanted to be a farmer and follow his grandma’s footsteps. I wanna say thank you to whoever it was from BigHit that saw him and told him to audition. Without that person, maybe V wouldn’t be a part of BTS by now.

Lastly, lets talk about how amazing our golden maknae is. He got called from 7 agencies, believe it or not. Can you believe how young he was when he got called? He literally hit it off guys. Thank you for Rap Monster, for his rapping that amazed Jungkook. That made him choose to join BigHit. Maybe if he didn’t see Rap Monster rapping, he’d be in one of the other agencies right now. And don’t even start talking about his voice, because it really is amazing 😍 I love his voice along with the other BTS members’ voice 😍

I noticed that this post has become long when I initially didn’t think it’d be this long 😂 And so I am ending my post here. See you guys in my next post, which I don’t know when that will be yet 😂 Next week I’m going on my holiday, so I don’t know if I can post anything, but I’ll try. If anyone has a topic that they wanna suggest, please do.. I’ll surely discuss and write about it if I can 😁

Ohh and have you seen the BTS stickers in LINE yet? They are all so adorable 😍 I am really thankful that I’ve been saving points, because of that I could download them 😍
And so here is some random BTS photos to end my post. Annyeong everyone~ See you in my next post~

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BTS and GOT7 Latest Album

Annyeong everyone~~ In this post, I am going to discuss about BTS’ and GOT7’s latest album as said on the title 😁 Both BTS and GOT7 recently had their comebacks with the album WINGS for BTS and Flight Log : Turbulence for GOT7. I am going to discuss them, hoping that this can help you learn more about their latest album.

In the last posts, “About GOT7” and “About BTS”, if you noticed, I posted “About GOT7” first before “About BTS”. I won’t lie, I know that BTS is a lot more popular than GOT7. The reason as to why I posted GOT7 first before posting BTS, is that you could say I wasn’t confident enough about writing BTS’ biography since I just started liking them only recently. But to be fair, now am I going to discuss about BTS’ newest album first. Even if I wanted to go by alphabetical order, it will still be BTS first.

Before starting, I wanted to remind you that this post is gonna be a hella long one as it discusses the tracks of the album one by one. Anyway, without my further blabbing, here we go..

BTS Latest New Album :

This their 2nd Full-length album. The album consists a number of 15 songs, in which 7 of them are solo songs representing each member. The titled song or as you can say track, is Blood, Sweat, Tears (Hangeul : 피땀눈물). If you haven’t watched the MV yet, I recommend you watch it as it is outstandingly remarkable. It is really different from BTS’ previous MVs as it is more superior. The MV has a feeling of elegance and luxury to it. Now to the tracks on the album.

1. Intro : Boy Meets Evil
Starting of with the introduction, Boy Meets Evil. If you look back to their previous MV “Save Me”, you will see that at the end of the MV, the screen turns pitch black and in the middle shows the writing “Boy Meets _” and then the MV suddenly ends, leaving some fans, or ARMYs feel curious. When you realize this now, that is actually a hint or spoiler to BTS’ next album WINGS. This track illustrates their darker side of the album’s overall concept.

2. 피땀눈물 (Blood, Sweat, Tears)
This is the title track of the album. It is really smooth and energizing. It is a pure boyband, love-obsessed track. If you decipher the lyrics, you will realize that it is filled with sweet confessions, such as “Even my blood, sweat and tears, Even my body, heart and soul, I know that it’s all yours.” and “Baby, I don’t care if I get drunk, I’ll drink you in now, Your whiskey, deep into my throat.” These particular lines are poisonous and will melt your heart.

3. Begin
This is the starting of the solo tracks ahead. It is sang by none other than BTS’ golden maknae, Jungkook. It starts off with mellow, steady instrumental as the tempo escalates with the rhythm. You can clearly hear Jungkook’s smooth voice which could make you feel relaxed.

4. Lie
This is the second solo track after “Begin”. It is sang by BTS’ other lead vocal, Jimin. The song begins smoothly as it later becomes high-pitched with the translated lyrics “Caught in a lie, Find me, Who is innocent.” and “Get me out of this hell.” It’s catchy chorus immediately made the track one of the fans’ favourite.

5. Stigma
This is the third solo track after “Lie”. It is sang by BTS’ second youngest, “V” or Taehyung. Although fans often tease him “alien”, his deep voice is incredibly catchy and smooth. One of the lyrics when translated becomes “Are you calling me a sinner?”

6. First Love
Moving on from the vocals’ solo tracks. This is the first track sang by BTS’ rapper, “Suga” or Yoongi. It is an oddly playful rap over a laxed melody. The title “First Love” refers to love for your mother as this track recollects on days of childhood.

7. Reflection
This is the fourth solo track, sang by a rapper  just like “First Love”. This track is indeed another one of Rap Monster’s masterpiece. It starts with an English intro and gradually settles to Korean. As always, he presents us with such great lyrics, such as “I know every life’s a movie, We got different stars and stories, Our scenarios ain’t just boring.”

This is another one of BTS’ rapper solo track. It is sang by the most lively member, J-Hope. It has a really catchy and addicting chorus “Hey MAMA.” This track is originally presented to his mother.

9. Awake
This is the last solo track, sang by BTS’ oldest member, Jin. This track seems to go down on memory lane as it conveys a deep and emotional story. The lyrics “ I can’t fly like the flower petals over there, Or as though I have wings, Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky, Still, I want to stretch my hand out” is really emotional.

10. Lost
This track is sang by all of BTS’ vocals, both lead and main vocals. Being sang by Jungkook, Jimin, Jin and “V” or Taehyung, it is really nice to hear. You can hear their smooth voices going through your ears. It will really make you fall in love over the song.

11. BTS Cypher Pt. 4
This is an upbeat song sang by the 3 BTS rappers, Suga, J-Hope and Rap Monster. They will “woo” you with their steady beats and rap strength. As for the name “BTS Cypher”, it is quite familiar as it has previous parts (Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3)

12. Am I Wrong
The song rides off the previously funky vibe and sassy sound of “MAMA”. It has a real athem-like theme to it and features a lot of shouts and chanting.

13. 21 세기 소녀 (21st Century Girls)
This song also rides off the funky vibe and sassy sound. Just like “Am I Wrong”, it also features a lot of shouts and chanting. If you search for the category “21st Century Girls”, then you can find that it refers to girls being born from the year 2001 to 2100.

14. 둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 다 많기를) – Two! Three! (Still, there will be better days)
This song tries to remain optimistic, both in sound and lyrics. BTS tries to keep their realistic image through lines like “Let’s only walk on flower trails, I can’t say that. Let’s only see good things from now on, I can’t say that either, Saying that there will only be good things from now on, Saying that you won’t get hurt, I can’t say that, I can’t lie like that.” This song is particularly saying that everyday may not be good, but there is something good everyday and BTS wants you to experience that with them.

15. Interlude : Wings
This track ends the album as it is the last song in the album. It has an upbeat tempo and is good to listen to. Yet again, BTS boast some sweet high notes, inspirational word and an enjoyable beat.

GOT7’s latest album :

This album is the continuation of GOT7’s album “FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE”. The album consists a number of 13 tracks. All of the members participated in the composing and songwriting of most of the songs in this album. This album has a manly and slightly dark feeling to it. The titled song or track is Hard Carry (Hangeul : 하드캐리). The MV no longer begins with a whisper of “JYP”. The MV has a totally different feeling from other previous MVs. It begins with showing Jinyoung upside down in a car. You could say I also recommend you to watch it. Now to the tracks.

1. Skyway
This is the first track from the album. It is a great opening to the album. As said above, all the members participated in the composing and songwriting most of the songs in this album. For this track, Defsoul (JB’s pen name) participated in both the songwriting and composing.

2. 하드캐리 (Hard Carry)
This is the hard-hitting titled track of the album. It is really aggressive and fierce. It also energetic and upbeat. The tune is amazing with tons of layered sounds. With the chorus of “하드카리해” (“Hard Carry Hey”) repeatedly, it will struck to your mind as it is addicting to hear.

3. Boom 3x
This is the third track of the album. In this track, there is again a variety of sounds. This song is somewhat playful and has Jackson written all over it, as he actually participated in both the songwriting and composing.

4. Prove It
This is the fourth track of the album. This song is undeniably smooth. And along with skyway, Defsoul (JB’s pen name) also participated in both the songwriting and composing. As the one who created this song, JB’s voice really fits the song perfectly.

5. 노잼 (No Jam)
This is the fifth track of the album. It is a song played for laughs and showcases their playful style with a beautiful realized party tune. The title means “No Fun”. Mark, Jackson, BamBam and participated in the songwriting while Yugyeom participated in both the songwriting and composing.

6. HEY
This is the sixth track of the album. It is another fun-loving and snappy tune that shows off the main vocal, Youngjae’s sweet voice and style. This is the first song on the list which Ars (Youngjae’s pen name) participated in both the songwriting and composing.

7. Mayday
This is the seventh track of the album. The chorus will take you to a new height as it is quite attractive. This is the first song on the album in which Jinyoung participated in both the songwriting and composing.

8. My Home
“My Home” is the eighth track of the album. It has sweet and catchy lyrics such as “Your my one and only home girl” and “I’ll be your one and only home boy”. Mark participated in both songwriting and composing the song.

9. Who’s That
“Who’s That” is the ninth track of the album. It has catchy tune in the beginning and begins with BamBam’s part. Sadly, no member participated in creating this song as Jam Factory participated in the songwriting.

10. 만약에 (If)
“If” is the fourth last track, being the tenth track of the album. It is quite catchy like the other tracks of the album. Both Mark and BamBam participated in the songwriting.

11. 아파 (Sick)
This is the third last track, being the eleventh track of the album. This song has a slow tempo at the beginning and begins with JB’s part saying “Yeah, uhh baby”. Ars (Youngjae’s pen name) participated in the songwriting while both Mark and Jackson participated in the composing.

12. 니꿈꿔 (Dreamin’)
This is the second last track, being the twelfth track of the album. The tune is quite catchy just like the name of the song “Dreamin”. BamBam participated in songwriting and Defsoul (JB’s pen name) participated in both the songwriting and composing of the song.

13. Let Me
This is the last track of the album. It has a slow tune and begins with JB’s part as his smooth voice calms you. The chorus “Let me hold your hand” is catchy and addicting to hear. Mark participated in both the songwriting and composing of the song.

I am finally done in discussing both BTS’ and GOT7’s latest album. I hope that my post will be a bit of help for those who wants to know or learn more about their latest album. As both an ARMY and an IGOT7, I recommend you to listen to the whole album, without leaving a single song behind.
And so, I will now end this post. See you on my next post, annyeong everyone~~ 😁

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About BTS

From left to right : V, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, Rap Monster, Jungkook, Jimin.

Official Website :

BTS, known as Bangtan Boys is a kpop idol (boyband) from the agency BigHit Entertainment. They debuted on June 13, 1993. BTS is known as BangTan Sonyeondan (Hangeul : 방단소년단) in Korea which means Bulletproof Boy Scouts. BTS consists of 7 members, who are from different parts of South Korea.

They are :

1.     Kim Nam-joon (Hangeul : 김남준) has a stage name “Rap Monster”. He was called so because of his remarkable talent in rapping as he can quickly come up of a rap and that he has a habbit of breaking things. He was born in Ilsan on September 12, 1994. He isn’t the oldest in the group although he is the leader of the group. Being gifted with rapping skills, he acts as the rapper in BTS. But his skills in dancing, unfortunately caused him to be called a robot, as he is not quite good at it.
2.    Kim Seok-jin (Hangeul : 김석진) has a stage name Jin. He is the oldest member, being born on December 4, 1992 in Gwacheon. He is in charge as one of the vocals in the group. His cute face will make you think that he’s one of the youngest in the group. Along with Rap Monster, he too is not quite good at dancing.

3.    Min Yoon-gi (Hangeul : 민욘기) has a stage name “Suga”. He earned his stage name due to his smile that was sweet as sugar according to BigHit’s CEO, Bang Si-Hyuk. He is the second oldest being born in Daegu on March 9, 1993. He also has a remarkable talent in rapping along with Rap Monster and so acts as the rapper in the group. He also releases solo work under the name Agust D. He is usually lazy and have less energy in daily life as said by the other members, but they also stated that he acts completely 180° of the opposite when he is on stage.

4.    Jung Ho-seok (Hangeul : 정호석) has a stage name “J-Hope”. He is one of the most lively in the group. He was born in Gwangju on February 18, 1994. The members said that he lightens up the mood of the other members in the group, as you can say that he leads the mood of the group. He is always seen cheerful and rarely shows sadness. He is also often called Hobi by the other members.

5.    Park Ji-min (Hangeul : 박지민) has a stage name Jimin. He is the oldest when considered in the maknae-line. He was born in Busan on October 13, 1995. He is in charge as one of the lead vocals in the group. He has nicknames such as "Chimchim" and "Jiminie". He has a really smooth voice which is higher compared to the other vocals in the group. He is really good at singing high pitched notes. 

6.    Kim Tae-hyung (Hangeul : 김태형) has a stage name “V” which stands for “Victory”. He got his name from Big Hit’s CEO, Bang Si-Hyuk. Bang Si-Hyuk PD-nim often forgot his name when he was a trainee and so gave him the stage name “V”. He is the second youngest in the group being born in Daegu on December 30, 1995. He also has nicknames, such as “Alien” and “4D”.

7.    Jeon Jeong-gug (Hangeul : 전정국) has a stage name Jungkook. He is the maknae of the group, meaning he’s the youngest amongst the members. He was born in Busan on September 1, 1997. He is often called “The golden maknae” as he is particularly good at anything he does. When BTS first debuted, he was still at the age of 15, but his voice was remarkably smooth just like Jimin’s. He has nicknames such as "Bunny Kook" and "Jungkookie". He acts as the lead vocal along with Jimin and his voice is deeper when compared to Jimin. He attended SOPA (School Of Performing Arts Seoul) High School.
From the album "WINGS"

From the album "WINGS"

BTS performing Blood, Sweat, Tears