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Annyeong everyone 💁

I was supposed to post this on their anniversary, 13th of June 😢😭
But i'm just being a super lazy girl everyone 😂

First of all, happy 4th anniversary to BTS 🎉💕
Okay and here goes nothing..
P.S It's pretty awfull, so please bear with me..

It's been 4 years,
Since they left their home towns to come to Seoul
Leave their families and beloved ones behind
To pursue and chase their dreams

It's been 4 years,
Since the beginning of their debut
With their song entittled "No More Dream"
Telling us how society shouldn't tell you who you are
And to not let anything bring you down

It's been 4 years,
Since the release of our official fandom name
A.R.M.Y ♡
Adorable Representative MCs of Youth
People who will support them
And be beside them through hard and good times

It's been 4 years,
Since their first solo concert
A concert starting ever so small
Leading to ever so huge, larger ones
One that every ARMY dreams of attending

It's been 3 years,
Since they received their first award
New Artist Of The Year Award at the MMA
An award that will lead to something even bigger by time
One that every artist will ever dream of

It's been 2 years,
Since their first music show award
A beginning of something even brighter ahead
Them promising us that they will struggle even harder
To make us proud of being their fans

It's been 1 year,
Since the release of albums and songs
That shook the world
Gaining them more attention
Bit by bit

It's been 1 year,
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Which lead them to their first ever daesang
An award that they dreamt of
And every artist dreams of

It's been 1 year,
With their teary eyes
And genuine smiles
Promising us to soar higher
To fly with our beautiful wings

Now this year,
They managed to snatch attention from the world
Holding a very large award
An international award
In their very hands

The struggle,
Of every ARMYs
From around the world
To vote for them
To make the boys proud

3 words,

They are the first ever kpop group to be nominated
Attend the show
And win

4 years have passed with these 7 boys
7 dorky boys
7 loveable boys
7 boys who have never forgotten their fans

These 7 boys
Are proud of us
As we are of them
Always thanking us
For the awards that they receive

These 7 boys
That i wish and hope
To continue and soar higher
To even greater heights
Like the galaxy above

I know it's awfull right 😅
I made it myself so please excuse it ._.

Anyway, since today is such an amazing and ever so special day for us and BTS 💖

Here I listed the awards that BTS has won from various award shows for over the past 4 years of their journey 😉

♡ Won

☆ 2013
[13.11.14] MMA - New Artist Of The Year

☆ 2014

[14.01.16] GDA - Newcomer Award
[14.01.23] SMA - New Artist Award
[14.02.12] GCMA - New Artist Of The Year (Male Group)
[14.04.15] YinYueTai V-Chart - Rookie Award
[14.12.23] Arirang TV PISA - Rising Star Award

☆ 2015
[15.01.14-15] GDA - Disc Bonsang {Dark &Wild}
[15.01.22] SMA - Bonsang Award
[15.01.28] GCMA - World Rookie Award
[15.03.01] Japan GDA - Best New Artist (Asia)
[15.03.01] Japan GDA - Best 3 New Artists Award (Asia)
[15.10.17] Cable TV BA - Hallyu Star Popularity Award
[15.10.25] MTV EMA - Best Korean Act
[15.11.07] MMA - Best Male Dance {INU}
[15.12.02] MAMA - Best World Performer
[15.12.20] Arirang TV SKA - Best Performance Boy Group
[15.12.23] MBC MSCA - Best Performance Male Group {RUN}

☆ 2016
[2016] Hanteo Awards - Album Award {WINGS}
[2016] CJ E&M AA - Best Male Idol
[2016] KBS World Radio - Best Boy Group
[2016] KBS World Radio - Best Song {FIRE}
[16.01.14] SMA - Bonsang Award
[16.01.20-21] GDA - Disc Bonsang {The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.1}
[16.02.17] GCMA - K-Pop World Hallyu Star Award
[16.10.16] AAA - Best Icon Award, Singer
[16.10.16] AAA - Best Artist Award, Male Group
[16.10.17] MPA - Weekly Popularity Award {BST}
[16.10.24] MPA - Weekly Popularity Award {BST}
[16.11.19] MMA - Album Of The Year {The Most Beautiful Moment In Life : Young Forever}
[16.11.19] MMA - Top 10 Artists
[16.12.02] MAMA - Best Performance Male Group {BST}
[16.12.02] MAMA - HotelsCombined Artist Of The Year
[16.12.27] KBS MV Bank MV Best 5 - Best Music Video Boy Group {FIRE}

☆ 2017
[17.01.13-14] GDA - Disc Bonsang {WINGS}
[17.01.13-14] GDA - Global K-Pop Artist Award
[17.01.19] SMA - Bonsang Award
[17.01.19] SMA - Best Male Dance Performance Award
[17.01.19] SMA - Album Of The Year {WINGS}
[17.01.19] SMA - Best Music Video Award (BST)
[17.02.20] MPA - Weekly Popularity Award {봄날}
[17.02.22] GCMA - Album Of The Year 4th Quarter {WINGS}
[17.02.22] GCMA - V Live Global Popularity Award
[17.02.26] Japan GDA - Best 3 Albums
[17.04.11] YinYueTai V-Chart - Best Stage Performance Award
[17.04.23] Shorty Awards - Best In Music
[17.04.26] Global V Live Awards - Global Artists Top 10
[17.05.21] BBMAs - Top Social Artist

New Artist Of The Year Award at MMA
Album Of The Year Award at MMA
Artist Of The Year Award at MAMA
Top Social Artist Award at BBMAs
Top Social Artist Award at BBMAs

And here i listed awards that BTS are nominated for 😉

◇ Nominated

☆ 2013
[13.11.22] MAMA - Best New Male Artist

☆ 2014
[14.11.09] MTV EMA - Best Korean Act
[14.12.02] Mp3 Music Awards - The BAM Award (Best Asian Music) {Boy In Luv}
[14.12.03] MAMA - Best Dance Performance Male Group {Boy In Luv}

☆ 2015
[15.01.22] SMA - Popularity Award
[15.01.22] SMA - Hallyu Special Award
[15.10.25] MTV EMA - Best Worldwide Act : Asia
[15.11.07] MMA - Top 10 Artists
[15.12.02] MAMA - Best Male Group
[15.12.02] MAMA - UnionPay Album Of The Year {The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.1}
[15.12.07] MPA - Weekly Popularity Award {RUN}

☆ 2016
[16.01.14] SMA - Popularity Award
[16.01.14] SMA - Hallyu Special Award
[16.01.20-21] GDA - Global Popularity Award
[16.10.16] AAA - Popularity Award, Singer
[16.10.26] KPC&AA - Cultural Minister Award
[16.11.19] MMA - Netizen Popularity Award
[16.11.19] MMA - Kakao Hot Star
[16.11.19] MMA - Best Male Dance {FIRE}
[16.12.02] MAMA - HotelsCombined Album Of The Year {WINGS}
[16.12.02] MAMA - HotelsCombined Song Of The Year {BST}
[16.12.02] MAMA - Best Music Video {BST}
[16.12.02] MAMA - Best Male Group
[16.12.02] MAMA - iQIYI Worldwide Favourite Artist
[16.12.27] KBS MV Bank MV Best 5 - Best Music Video Boy Group {BST}

☆ 2017
[17.01.13-14] GDA - Golden Disc Asian Choice
[17.01.19] SMA - Daesang Award
[17.01.19] SMA - Popularity Award
[17.02.22] GCMA - Album Of The Year 2nd Quarter
{The Most Beautiful Moment In Life : Young Forever}
[17.02.22] GCMA - Song Of The Year (October) {BST}

I also listed the awards they won from various music programs 😉

☆ 2015
[15.05.05] The Show - INU
[15.05.07] M Countdown - INU
[15.05.08] Music Bank - INU
[15.05.12] The Show - INU
[15.05.13] Show Champion - INU
[15.12.08] The Show - RUN
[15.12.09] Show Champion - RUN
[15.12.11] Music Bank - RUN
[15.12.16] Show Champion - RUN

☆ 2016
[16.01.08] Music Bank - RUN
[16.05.12] M Countdown - FIRE
[16.05.13] Music Bank - FIRE
[16.05.15] Inkigayo - FIRE
[16.10.19] Show Champion - BST
[16.10.20] M Countdown - BST
[16.10.21] Music Bank - BST
[16.10.23] Inkigayo - BST
[16.10.25] The Show - BST
[16 10 28] Music Bank - BST

☆ 2017
[17.02.22] Show Champion - 봄날
[17.02.23] M Countdown - 봄날
[17.02.24] Music Bank - 봄날
[17.02.26] Inkigayo - 봄날

Music Program first win with I NEED U at The Show

♤  List of Award Shows

• AAA : Asia Artist Awards
• Arirang TV SKA : Arirang TV Simply K-Pop Awards
• Arirang TV PINA : Arirang TV Pops In Seoul Awards
• BBMAs : Billboard Music Awards
• Cable TV BA : Cable TV Broadcast Awards
• CJ E&M AA : CJ E&M America Awards
• GCMA : Gaon Charts Music Awards
• GDA : Golden Disc Awards
• Global V Live Awards
• Hanteo Awards
• Japan GDA : Japan Gold Disc Awards
• KBS MV Bank MV Best 5
• KBS World Radio
• KPC&AA : Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards
• MBC MSCA : MBC Music Show Champion Awards
• MMA : MelOn Music Awards
• MAMA : Mnet Asian Music Awards
• MTV EMA : MTV Europe Music Awards
• Mp3 Music Awards
• SMA : Seoul Music Awards
• Shorty Awards
• YinYueTai V-Chart

♧  List Of Music Programs

• Inkigayo
• M Countdown
• Music Bank
• Show Champion
• The Show

Here is another somwthing i made by myself 😉
P.S Don't read if you're not in the mood to feel emotional 😂

A.R.M.Y ♡
Adorable Representative MCs of Youth
We are not just a fandom
Together we are family
And we are the face of BTS

We smile together
We laugh together
We cry together
We struggle together

Look up at the sky
Wherever you are
In this world
We will be looking at the same sky
We look at the same sun
The same moon
The same stars

Imagine this
BTS are the stars
And we are their galaxy
They will continue to shine
But there will be a time
They will dim down

It is when we have to let go
Let them continue
And live their lifes
A time when we must
Part our ways
And continue on
To chase each of our dreams

But we will never forget
All the times we've been through

But remember this
Stars are always there
Even throughout the day
They will continue to shine
Even if we don't see them
And memories will be there
In our hearts

But before that time comes
Let us cherish the times
We have with them
And among ourselves

"We will work hard
We want our fans to proudly say
I am a fan of BTS, I am an ARMY"

"Lets fly with our beautiful wings in 2017"
- RM

"We believe in our wings, ARMYs"

Why is it becoming sad 😢

To finish off my post, let me congratulate BTS once again for their 4th anniversary 🎉💕
And one more, congratulations on their 5 million followers on VLIVE app 🎉💖

With that due, i will end the post 😉
Thank you for taking your time to read my post!
Until next time everyone 💁

Annyeong 😚
- Mei 🐰

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Annyeong everyone~
I'm finally back now 😉 After dissapearing for like how many months 😂
Mianhae! I was too lazy to write and my school subjects are getting kinda hard to deal with 🙃

So in this post i will discuss about BTS' most amazing achievement yet!
 ❌ And the pictures aren't mine, credits to the owners ❌
So now that you have been warned, lets start! 😉😂


They had to compete against tough opponents! They are Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. These guys are all very well-known international artists. So it's a really amazing achievement for both BTS and ARMYs!

First of all, we ARMYs voted without knowing if they (BTS) would be invited or not, but that didn't stop us from voting for them 💖 Finally they shared the invitation they got from BBMAs!

Okay so i wanna say very much thanks to ARMYs all over the world and also other supportive fandoms that have voted for BTS! Here is a picture of the voting results i found on twitter! We even reached 300+M votes on twitter 😭💕

I was SO EMOTIONAL when they won and I am STILL SO EMOTIONAL till this moment right now 😭😭😭

First off here are pictures of BTS arriving in Las Vegas for BBMAs😍

Secondly, here are some preview pictures of BTS at the Magenta Carpet at the BBMAs 😍 They were all so awesomely handsome 💕

Okay so now lets talk about the boys receiving the award! The boys received standing ovation when received the award! They were so precious.. Bubbling with excitement and happinness 💕 They even crossed their hands for luck that they would win 😭

Upon receiving the award, as usual Namjoon starts his speech by thanking ARMYs all over the world for voting for them 😭💕

Here are some preview pictures of after they receive the award 💖 Or as you can say the backstage preview 😉

They were so happy they went on vlive to thank ARMYs 💖 They told us to be proud of ourselves because we made it happen and then there's Jungkook saying he believes in us ARMYs 100% 😢 Why are they so freaking precious omg 😭💕 They even called it Top Social Army instead of Top Social Artist 😂

너무너무 고마워요 아미 💕
아미 너무 너무 사랑해요 💕
아미들 대박 💖 아미들 캡짱 💖

Here are preview of the amazing awards BTS has received throught these years! Thank you for making it happen ARMYs! This is our journey of precious awards with the boys 😭💕

[13.11.14] Rookie Award
[15.05.05] First Win - I NEED U
[16.11.19] First Daesang
[17.05.21] Top Social Artist at BBMAs

BTS Wins Rookie Award
BTS First Win with I NEED U
BTS Wins Daesang
BTS Wins Top Social Artist at BBMAs

Here are the most precious and influental tweets of BTS 💖 The tweet even got the tittle "Golden Tweet" in 2016 👏

[16.11.19] "Teamwork makes the dream work"
[16.11.19] "And teamwork made the dream work"
[17.05.21] "Dream has been made"

All and all I just wanna express my very huge thanks to all ARMYs for making these precious moments happen!
ARMYs, we might not be "The Best Fandom" to the people present out there..
But I can say this proudly that..
For me, ARMY is TRULLY THE BEST FANDOM you can ever find out there!
I AM A SUPER PROUD Adorable Representative Mc(s) of Youth [ARMY] 💕

BTS even got new friends there at the US! Here is Hasley's twitter update mentioning BTS!

They even met with Steven Aoki! Here is his tweet mentioning BTS! The photo he shared even has a caption of "BTS x AOKI!!!! Coming Soon"

They also met with The Chainsmokers! Here is their twitter update mentioning BTS!

BTS also had so many interviews after they won the Top Social Artist Award! Here is a preview picture of their interview at 104.3 MYfm on 17.05.24!

BTS was asked of how to take a perfect selfie and they each showed by taking selfies 😍💖 Here are their selfies!! 💕

Aigoo our precious leader-nim! Namjoon, where are your cute dimples? 🤔😶 You still look cute tho 😍😚

Taking the selfie from below now are we? 😂😍 Aish Jin you are still visual even from all angles 😚💖

Yoongi 😢 You don't take bad selfies, you're such a bad liar! Your selfies are one of the best, don't lie to us 😚💖

Hobii! You are such a sunshine boy! Look at his smile 😍 Istg this boy is too precious the way he is 😚💖

Jiminiee! Chimchim! Your smile is just soo urghh 😚💖 It's gonna bias wreck me someday stobb itt 😍😂

Tae..? Are you okay..? Arghh but he still looks good 😂💖 Jawline selfie? Don't worry Tae I still love you 😍😚

Kookiee! Nochuu! Okay oppa i'm staying on my lane 😍💖 And yes I am younger than you Jungkook, need me to show my ID? 😂😚

Okay this is getting too long.. Hahaha sorry but please mind my rantings and my picture spams 😂 But I did warn you first tho! 😂

So to end this post i will share another achievement that BTS just got and is gonna get in maybe a few days or within a week..?

Yes everyone, BTS, the first kpop idol group to reach 4M followers on Vlive App, has reached 5M followers! Congratulationss 🎉🎉🎉 I'm so proud of these boys! They are reaching even higher everyday 😚💕 [BTS Vlive]

And another achievement they are gonna get is 6M followers on twitter! They are currently at 5.9M! Fyi, they just reached 5M followers a year ago, in 2016. So this is also a massive achievement 🎉 [@BTS_twt]

Okay so now that i've done my job, i'll be ending the post! But first here is a little, or huge bonus of their twitter updates!

J-Hope twitter update
 Jimin twitter update
 Jimin twitter update
Taehyung, Jin, Yoongi, J-Hope twitter update
 J-Hope twitter update
Taehyung, Jin, Yoongi, J-Hope twitter update
 Namjoon twitter update
 Jimin twitter update
 Yoongi twitter update
Jin twitter update
 BTS twitter update
 Taehyung twitter update
J-Hope twitter update
 Jungkook twitter update
 Taehyung twitter update
Namjoon twitter update
 BTS twitter update
Jimin twitter update

Here is a preview of a very amazing twitter update from BigHit's CEO, Bang Si-Hyuk PD-nim [@hitmanb]

Yes, this is the trophy of the Top Social Artist Award that BTS received at the BBMAs! It's so lovely! I can't help but feel really proud of the boys 😍💕

BTS is flying even more everyday and we will be there to watch and support alongside them, ARMYs!

["Lets fly with our beautiful wings in 2017!"]
So lets fly high ARMYs, lets soar to the sky!
Lets keep watching and support the boys!

Always remember ARMYs,
["Teamwork makes the dream work!"]
["Strong powers, thank you!"]

Thank you for taking your time to read my post!
Till next time, annyeong~ 😉😚