Monday, January 16, 2017

GDA (Golden Disc Awards)

Annyeong~ 😁 It is the second week of school now, but fortunately I haven't got many homeworks nor assignment for tommorow 😊 So I decided to post something since I was bored 😏

Did you know that on Friday and Saturday, exactly January 13th and 14th, there was GDA? Well if you don't know yet, then consider this, me telling you that there was 😊

In this post, I am going to discuss about the 2nd day of GDA, which was on Saturday, January 14th. If you're wondering why am I only gonna discuss the 2nd day? Well, this blog is dedicated to BTS and GOT7 💖 And since they both performed at 2nd day, so I will discuss the 2nd day! ☺

Soo.. GDA or as you may know as Golden Disc Awards is an annual yearly award show. Both BTS and GOT7 attended this year's GDA. There were also many other idol groups, such as EXO, Red Velvet, I.O.I, Seventeen, NCT 127, MONSTA X, etc. SHINee didn't come, but they did send Minho as a representative for the group though 😂

Okay, well the show had 2 parts. The first one was The Red Carpet which started at 3:30 PM KST and The Award Show which started at 5:00 PM KST. I watched both parts live in V Live App.

Sneak Peak BTS and GOT7 at Red Carpet! 😏

 BTS at Red Carpet
 BTS at Red Carpet
BTS at Red Carpet
 GOT7 at Red Carpet
 GOT7 at Red Carpet
GOT7 at Red Carpet

First off, lets talk about their performances! BTS performed a special cover stage with the song 'Without A Heart' by 8eight. They also performed BTS Chronicle.
What is BTS Chronicle you might ask? It's the special name for BTS' special remix that day. What songs are in the remix? The remix consists of BTS' previous songs, starting from their debut song, No More Dream, Boy In Luv, War Of Hormone, DOPE, I NEED U, FIRE and Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Sneak Peak BTS Performance 😍

Next off, GOT7 performed a remix of Fly and Hard Carry. They added a special remix dance in between the two songs, like the one Yugyeom did for 'Hit The Stage'.
In this year's GDA, GOT7 Youngjae sang 'Never Let You Go' by 2AM with VIXX Ken!

Sneak Peak GOT7 Performance 😍

Sneak Peak GOT7 Youngjae collab with VIXX Ken 😍

Now lets talk about the awards that BTS and GOT7 got, shall we?
Firstly, BTS' awards..
BTS got both 본상 (bonsang) and 대상 (daesang) awards 💕🎉
BTS got 대상 (daesang) for Kpop Artist Global Award 💖🎉
While BTS got those awards, GOT7 also got 본상 (bonsang) award 💖🎉

 BTS receiving their award
BTS receiving their award
GOT7 receiving their award
GOT7 receiving their award

I am running out of topic to discuss now since the award show isn't really that long. And so these two pictures of BTS and GOT7 will mark the end of my post. Annyeong everyone~ See you on my next post~ 😁

BTS backstage with their award
GOT7 backstage with their award